Welcome to our Christian RPG.

Cds copyThis game is a unique option for the christian RPG game player in you. You will develop a character of christian faith and play that role during your adventure. Between your good luck with the dice and your endless imagination the situations and outcome of the game can be your biggest adventure yet! With your squad of christian RPG game players at your side the never ending task of trying to get rid of the evil that exists and plagues this medieval world can be defeated with your faith.

Your RPG character of christian faith will be based off of you as you would like to see yourself. With spiritual gifts and tools that will help you defeat evil. It could be a mighty knight with faith so strong he is fearless with a shield and sword. Perhaps a young beautiful saint who has the ability because of her christian faith for miracles to happen. You could choose to be someone of ordinary stature that sees the chaos of this world. Through your faith you develop a skill set that helps destroy the false worshiping along with demons and magic that runs ramped in medieval times. With your sense of righteousness among you and your christian dungeon squad you brighten the world in these dark times. All RPG gamers will have to destroy the dark side of sorcerers, devils and demons that infect these lands.

Remember RPG game players you are doing Gods work. Civilization is depending on faith based Christians to destroy the devil and his wicked minions. We need you that’s right you! All Christians need to make a stand and fight against evil enemies with the power of the holy spirit backing you up. With the help from God and the natural blessings you are given through your christian faith, miracles and other qualities you possess will make you indispensable in the fight to rid this world of evil. Thank goodness there are other christian squads waging war to protect the church also. Calling all christian RPG game players come, create and play not only for you but for all mankind.

Welcome to our Christian RPG!

Now, take a look at our wiki. You can find some more helpful information there. Such as the rules, character creation and much more.

Christian Dungeon Squad!

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